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Friday, August 12, 2011

Ambrose holds court

If the Anthony Sowell multiple-murder trial has taught us nothing, it's that former Browns linebacker Dick Ambrose has excellent reading skills.

If you've been as fascinated by this case as I have, you no doubt have paid attention to Ambrose's reading of the verdicts in his Cuyahoga County Common Pleas courtroom.

When the jury returned its verdicts after the case was tried, he sat, for more than an hour, reading individual verdict forms while on camera.

Then, when the jury returned this week with its decision on sentencing, Ambrose again sat and read individual forms detailing the death-sentence recommendations.

This morning, there was more reading from Ambrose as he read the court's report and sentence handed down to the serial killer.

Ambrose has moved a long way from the days when he terrorized quarterbacks and running backs at the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium. He still looks, though, like he could head out onto the field tomorrow when the team plays its first exhibition game.

No doubt memories of his playing days with the Browns helped him first get elected to the bench, but voters now will have this trial to remember as he hits the ballot now.

The case has remained in control the entire way -- there were not outbursts and no outrageous events. The courtroom was calm in spite of the horrific evidence and discussion of events that led to the killings of 11 women.

Congratulations, Bam-Bam. We appreciate your hard work and strong judicial skills.

-- Laura Kessel
Twitter: @Lauranh


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