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Friday, July 20, 2012

Time to honor the queens of excellent service

I’ve never had one.

As much as I shop, you’d think I would have about 20.

Alas, I haven’t ever gotten close to that dream of a sales clerk who picks up a phone to give me a call when something arrives that she knows I’d be dying to add to my wardrobe.

I’m coming close with some of the clothing stores I frequent. Staff periodically make a call and leave a message about upcoming sales that I shouldn’t miss.

When they call, I make a point of showing up.

I figure, even if I only pick up something small, it’s my thanks for them remembering me and honoring my loyalty with a heads-up about a sale that otherwise might have gone under the radar.

I often think about good service when I’m out shopping.

Sometimes it’s a clerk who’s really nice.

Other times, it’s someone who points out that I picked up an item that’s damaged.

Once, a store staff member carried to my car a super-heavy item I’d purchased because he realized I’d be struggling with it.

The people I just mentioned are reasons I enjoy shopping as much as I do.

A good interaction makes a purchase seem worthwhile. When you get attitude or a less-than-joyful experience, it makes me wonder if I should have bothered.

Good experiences like the ones I’ve described aren’t restricted to the shopping mall.

Bank staff get a lot of credit — and deservedly so — when they step in to stop their customers from falling victim to scams.

Postal employees have saved countless lives when they’ve stumbled upon people in medical emergencies in their homes.

The truth is, we’re surrounded by people doing good deeds simply because they can.

No one requires it. No one expects it. They just do it because it’s the right thing to do.

And, it’s time to honor some of them.

As luck would have it, we can help!

We’re looking for nominees for the annual Commerce Queen ceremony at the Lake County Fair.
In this year’s 38th crowning of this special lady, we’re counting on you to help us find those who most deserve this special honor.

Unlike most pageants, this one isn’t a beauty contest.

Instead, it’s a chance to celebrate those in the area who work hard, deliver good service, care about their performance and their customers.

It’s long been among my favorite community events, because it pays tribute to those who just go out and do their jobs, and do them so well that people notice that they’ve been treated well and are satisfied.

I know you’ve had these experiences.

And, because you did, I know you’ve wondered how you can let them know how much you appreciated it.

Here’s how.

Nominate that female worker for The News-Herald’s Commerce Queen contest.

We’re taking nominations on our website, Click the pink “Commerce Queen” button on the homepage, and follow the directions to nominate the women you think deserve this honor.

The key for nomination is we need you to supply her full name, and where she works.

If you don’t know her full name, we hope you’ll call on all those skills you learned watching detective shows on TV and work covertly to discover it. Perhaps a call to a supervisor or a store manager would do the trick.

We’re accepting nominations through noon July 30, so you have plenty of time to recall all those who’ve impressed you over the past year and enter their names as candidates for the crown.

Then, starting at 12:01 p.m. July 30, we encourage everyone to vote for the lady who most deserves the award. Voting will run through noon Aug. 13.

We’ll be crowning the winner on Aug. 16 at the Lake County Fairgrounds during the fair.

I hope you’ll take this chance to honor those who do their jobs the right way.
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