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Sunday, November 11, 2012

It’s finally time for Bond, James Bond, that is

I’m used to the strange looks.

They don’t even really faze me anymore.

Perhaps it’s because, over time, I’ve admitted to so many embarrassing things that people’s reactions aren’t that unusual anymore.
Or maybe it’s because I really have no sense of shame.

I embarrass myself so regularly, it really has become a surprise if I go a few days without doing so.
These incidents take on many forms.

Some involve my driving. Sometimes I say something stupid. Sometimes I show that I can be forgetful.

Still other times, I admit facts about myself that take people by surprise.

This week was one of those times.

I told some folks during a meeting that this weekend will mark the first time I’ve seen a James Bond movie.
Jaws dropped.

Some stretched out the word “really” so far that I forgot what the first part of the word was.

In reality, it fit well into my movie proclivities.

I don’t like series. I don’t like to suspend my disbelief. I don’t like science fiction. I don’t like adventure.
Yeah, it’s true — I’m boring.

Give me a good romantic comedy, or an intriguing drama, and I’m right there. Every time.

This is the point where I lay it out there — the list that no doubt will cause your jaws to drop. Here’s what I haven’t seen:

Anything beyond the original (1977) “Star Wars”; “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”; anything
with Indiana Jones; anything beyond about the first half of “Back to the Future”; “Jurassic Park”; any of the “Terminator” movies; any Mad Max movie; nothing “Harry Potter”; no “Lord of the Rings”; no “Batman” movies other than the one with George Clooney (to which a colleague said, “you’ve seen the WORST “Batman” movie); no “Matrix”; or “Avatar.” Yes, you get the picture.

I’ve never bothered with the Bond series. It just never really interested me.

I like a lot of the songs and think a lot of the individual Bonds are rather attractive.

It’s just that nothing before ever seemed to be worth the trouble of heading to the theater.

Then, along came No. 23 — “Skyfall.”

Daniel Craig has been intriguing for a few years, in other roles, including the recent “The Girl with the
Dragon Tattoo.” Co-star Javier Bardem has been awesome in a few things of late, including “Eat Pray
Love” and “Vicky Christina Barcelona.”

And, then, there’s Adele’s recently released theme song of the same name.

So I’m doing it — I’m hopping in the Aston Martin (I wish) and heading to see my first Bond movie. It’s time to dig in to the spy agency, the gadgets and, possibly, figure out how to make a martini the Bond way.

I have to admit, I’m rather excited that there’s at least one instance in which I’ll stop the “looks.” Unfortunately, I’m sure there are plenty more to come.
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