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Friday, January 13, 2012

Rushing in random thoughts on Tebow, taxes

I’m rushing through this. I hope it won’t show.

After taking a couple of days off mid-week, I came back to work on Friday without a column topic and about an hour to get it done.

No sweat! Right?

Then why am I perspiring when there are wind chills that make it seem like it’s about 10 degrees outside?

Probably because my pool of topics for a column is rather limited, just like my time.

I could talk about Tim Tebow, but that’s a dicey subject.

I think I might be the only person in America not bothered by him. Well, me and Denver Broncos fans.

I just don’t see what’s wrong with a guy praying.

In this day, when we’re surrounded by bad people doing bad things every day, is it so bad that this young fella gets down on one knee to thank God for a few blessings that were thrown his way?

Don’t get me wrong. Because he plays for the Broncos, I’m a little less inclined to cut him some slack.

I know, I know, it’s been a long time since The Drive (Jan. 11, 1987) and The Fumble (Jan. 17, 1988). And, the Browns aren’t even the same team anymore. Heck, that team plays in Baltimore under an assumed name. I would too if I had The Drive and The Fumble on my resume.

Bringing up Baltimore reminds me of another point about Tebow: Why is it that a guy like the Ravens’ Ray Lewis can be forgiven after he is linked to a killing, but Tebow is a bad guy because he says a prayer of thanksgiving after he performs well.


Because Tebow threw a game-winning touchdown pass last weekend in a playoff game against the Steelers, it’s been another week of discussion about the kid from Florida.

That’s not his fault.

It’s ours. And I mean the media.

Who remembers the name of the guy who caught that pass and ran 62 yards to the end zone for the game-winner?

It’s OK. I’ll remind you: Demaryius Thomas.

He’s interesting, too. After a horrific childhood that included most of his adult relatives ending up in prison, he was taken in by a Baptist preacher uncle who instilled family values in the 24-year-old Georgia Tech draftee. Today, he sports tattoos on his biceps that read “family” and “first.”

I understand why that got overlooked. Heck, there’s a guy praying over there. How can we let go on?
But enough Tebow. You’re probably as sick of his name as I am.

I could also talk about the sales tax hike in Lake County.

But that’s just as dicey as Tebow.

I don’t live in the county, I just shop here. But, there are plenty of people like me. Take advantage of us, I always say.

I noticed that Great Lakes Mall announced some new store additions on the same day commissioners revealed they’re considering a half-percent increase in the tax.

A few weeks ago, when this topic first arose, a friend told me that when she wants to shop, she often heads to Beachwood Place, because it has an H&M store.

Stores in Beachwood Place, in Cuyahoga County, are subject to a 7.75 percent sales tax. The new H&M that will be arriving in a few months at Great Lakes likely will be subject to a 6.75 percent sales tax.

Thus, it’s now going to be cheaper for her to stick closer to home. Save on gas, and on sales tax.
The rise in the rate will cost me a few pennies on my purchases, but it’s still cheaper here than in Cuyahoga County.

I know there are deeper issues at play here, but since so many of the purchases here in Lake County are completed by those who live outside the borders, the pain is spread wider than a property tax or income tax.

It’s a win for Lake County.

I’d ask you to gather to give thanks, but that might not go over well.

Don’t want to be accused of pulling a Tebow.

Oops, there goes the media again.
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