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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hot under the collar over an untimely warmup

Chances are you’ve said it yourself a few times.

I’m sure she’s used to it.

No matter what season, Mother Nature gets the stink eye from someone.

If it’s January, it’s too cold. If it’s June, it’s not hot enough. If it’s October, it’s too early to be this cool.

Well, now it’s March and, ma’am, I’m not all that happy with you.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not upset about the mild winter we just finished.

No, I’m pretty happy it was mild, and that it’s now over. That just means we’re that much closer to confidently moving our snow brushes from the back seat to the trunk.

Yes, I know that in reality I should wait until about mid-July.

But what’s really got me wanting to have a few words with the old girl is her complete disregard for my big experiment.

It was going to be a long, colorful one.

I had it all planned out. Then it got too warm.

Perhaps I should explain.

A few weeks ago, while picking out something to wear to work one day, I noticed I had an inordinately large collection of cardigan sweaters.

They’re in every possible shade, and every possible pattern.

Most are button-downs, but
some have ruffled fronts with little metal clasps. Others don’t close at all.

But they’re all classified as cardigans.

While studying the vast array
of these winter warmers, I wondered how many work days in a row I could go without repeating one.

I boldly told my boss that I thought I could make it 75 days.

It’s both surprising and embarrassing. It’s also not much of an exaggeration.

Yes, I shop too much. And, yes, I apparently focus on one item at a time, too.

And, after realizing it, I needed to see how much of a problem it really is.

So, on March 1, I started my challenge. Wear a different cardigan sweater to work every day until I’ve exhausted the pile.

As I write this, I’m 15 days in, and I have Thursday and Friday lined up.

My complaint with Mother Nature stems from the fact that I’ve also recently realized most of my cardigans are winter-weight.

It didn’t seem like a bad plan on Feb. 29 — there’s a little less than a month of winter left, and then the early parts of spring.

What could go wrong?

On Day No. 14, the mercury reached 84 degrees in Lake County.

That’s entirely too warm for my cardigans.

I blame Mother Nature. This fickle lady has for years treated us to some of the coldest and snowiest winter moments in March.

But when I need it to be cool? Nooo.

“Have some lemonade,” she’s probably thinking.

I plan to keep going as long as I can. Who knows, maybe I’ll melt into a pile of goo on the sidewalk en route to my answer.

That’ll teach Mother Nature!
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